Where Were You ?

As many of you visit my page and stumble on the blog link, you might be thinking why were there no blogs after January 2019. Well, I can begin to share that I became a mother in November 2018 and have had my whole world flipped upside down. All the routines and schedules that I was following prior to my son being born, went completely out the window. It took quite a while for me to find myself again. It has been a year and half since I have been able to blog and I chose to make this my first blog after my return.

From first hand experience, I can now relate to parents everywhere when they say they have no time for themselves. I too was in that sinking boat for a few months. It was not until reading some motivational quotes and talking to some dear friends, I realized I need to find “Blackcy” again. Yes, it seems like in a 24 hour period, it is impossible to get 30 – 60 minutes for yourself but that is when I realized I needed to communicate this feeling to the people around me. I learned over the months, even though there are days I felt I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders, plus my son on my hips (hahaha), that it was okay for me to ask for help.

In reading this blog, I hope I can attract you to come back to my page. Even though my life has changed, my passion to listen and counsel has not drifted away. I continue to take new clients in this new COVID-19 world, but for now all sessions are either on the phone or virtual.

Thank you.