I am Ready to Quit !!!

How many times do you say this throughout the day at your job or how many times do you say it throughout the week ? Are you contemplating to quit already but then always have a change of heart ? What’s holding you there ?

Sometimes these tough questions are hard to answer but I guess it all comes down to:

A. Do I have job satisfaction?

B. Can I afford to be unemployed?

C. What do I have to lose?

D. What do I have to gain?

E. What will I do after I quit?

F. Does my decision affect others ?

We sometimes make decisions out of emotions and later we regret it. That is why I always don’t make decisions when I am emotionally unbalanced. I try and make decisions on normal days …. ( do those even exist !! ). Trust me, I have gone through this decision making a few times in life and not necessarily all related to a job. Sometimes it’s related to exercising and other times it was when I was in school.

I had good days and bad days, but were there more bad days then good, YES ! I would say there was one time in my life I quit a job without having another one lined up and boy can I tell you that was a hard time in my life. Do I regret it now, NO ! Because if I had not quit my job, I would have not been motivated to find a job in my field.

So, long story short, if you are having feelings of quitting, validate your feelings because those are real and they are emerging from somewhere. Sit down and look at what you enjoy and what you don’t. Ask yourself some simple questions listed above and see what comes from them. Of course, there are tons of resources online to evaluate if you should quit or stay but sometimes it is just not that easy. There is always more at stake.

So, to conclude “ Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions…”