Why Did I Just Eat That?

Have you ever had those days when you just want to eat everything ? Or when you are picking up your latte at Starbucks and they have those sweet, delicious treats staring at you saying “ pick me, pick me ?” You know you should not, but then there is this voice that says, “no, just this once.” Then your brain goes through this battle, like the angel and the devil on each shoulder. “It’s only $2 bucks, that’s 750 calories, that’s an extra 2 hours of treadmill, I won’t eat anything else for the month.”  And then, before you can actually make a decision, next thing you know, you are shoving your face with that double chocolate glazed donut in your car and you say to yourself “why did I just eat that ?”

Well folks, you might just have experienced what happens to someone who has an addiction. It seems like the whole process occurred in less than two minutes. You tried to talk yourself out of it but then the devil talked you in to it. Imagine, having these thoughts daily, hourly, even every second !!!! How many times have you purposely went into a store and came out with something that was not even on your list. Whether it is a pack of gum, lottery tickets, chocolate bar or even a whole new outfit, just for the hell of it.

We often think it is so easy to switch that voice off, but sometimes it gets the best of us. So, next time you hear a friend or a colleague say why did I just eat that, pause, then say “ I get it.”