“To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the Question.”

When I was creating my website, I had to create a layout. I battled with having a blog section as that meant I would have to be blogging at least minimum on a monthly basis. I see professionals that blog on a daily basis and I wondered can I really commit to this.

As I was pondering away, I began to question what is the point of blogging anyway? Is it just a platform for people to write whatever they please and hope that someone out there feels the same way? Or is it just a way for the writer to vent, except in this case its a public diary. LOL.

Okay, okay enough with the jokes. So really, what can I really use this section for. I am operating as a business at the end of day and what I am selling are my services. So how I can use blogging to to help me?

Well, long story short, I have decided to blog !! YEAHHHH! What made me decide? Well, one of two things. First, people who stumble upon my website, have no clue who I am, other then what is listed on the website and doing any Google searches. So how can I share a little bit about Blackcy without people having to meet me face to face. ABRACADABRA … BLOG !!

Secondly, I love to write !! Whether it is about topics related to my line of work, or what I saw while sitting in my car during rush hour traffic, LOL. I have always been told to write a book or share my off the cuff poetry.

So, here it is, my first official blog. Hope you had some laughs and I wish for you to visit my page again to see what really does Blackcy think?